Active Online is a small independent consulting firm specializing in the support of organizations sourcing telecommunication services or seeking options with their existing telecommunication infrastructure. We pride ourselves on delivering practical advice and solutions which are tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Examples of services which we provide include:

  • Strategic advice on new estate telecommunication delivery options, e.g. NBN and alternative providers,
  • Microwave Link Design
  • Migration to the cloud,
  • Compliance requirements,
  • Existing infrastructure audit (technical capability for new services),
  • MDU service upgrade delivery options and cost estimation,
  • Solar hybrid system planning,
  • Radio network design, audit, performance assessment,
  • Supply, support, and training for Herald Professional radio link design software,
  • Support for procurement and delivery activities.

Our Experience

Greenfield Cabling Option Advice – We provided our client with analysis of several offers to provide optic fibre reticulation to a major master planned community of over 12,000 home sites. The advisory review addressed the various benefits, legislative implications, technical characteristics and potential issues with each of the prospective suppliers, including the NBN, to allow the developer to make an informed decision on supplier.


Migration of Corporate Telecoms and IT to the Cloud – Active Online supported our client to move from their existing in-house solution to a Cloud Based Solution which provided both financial and operational benefits. Our involvement included the development of a viable strategy, assisting with procurement and providing ongoing support during the transition.


Network Solution and Delivery Management – On behalf of a client who is developing multiple high quality Over 50’s accommodation, Active Online developed a customer specific technical solution and is now involved with the ongoing delivery of the project including providing commercial advice and delivery governance.



The current environment includes telecommunication carriers seeking to expand their market position, end users demanding new and innovative services, and property developers/owners keen to differentiate themselves in the market. Telecommunication networks will be subject to continual demand for higher speed data services, security, energy and building management, and the replacement of ageing infrastructure to enable delivery of advanced services. Carriers and equipment manufacturers will be proposing their own solutions to deliver future requirements and analysis of the overall impact should be considered. The issues are particularly evident for multi dwelling unit developments where existing diverse infrastructure is typically not capable of supporting advanced services and is comprised of proprietary non IP based equipment.

Added to this, the federal government continues to modify the applicable legislation changing the environment for deployment of telecommunication networks. Without specialist telecommunication industry advice, it is increasingly difficult to identify the best solutions to the specific requirements of each location.