Active Online is a small independent consulting firm specializing in the support of organizations sourcing internet services or seeking options with their existing online services. We pride ourselves on delivering practical advice and solutions which are tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Examples of services which we provide include:

  • Strategic advice on new online services,
  • Migration to the cloud,
  • Compliance requirements,
  • Existing infrastructure audit (technical capability for new services),
  • Service upgrade delivery options and cost estimation,
  • E-commerce and security requirements,
  • Support for online services including technical support,
  • Software design or selection and integration,
  • Database design and integration,
  • Hosting management,
  • Support for procurement and delivery activities.
  • Assistance with Wordpress issues including development, security, management, and hosting.

Our Experience

Internet Web Designer and Hosting Company Support –We provide our client of over 15 years with technical support services for their client portfolio of over 550 sites. Support is provided for the server including backups, technical issues with hosted services including DNS, Email, WWW hosting, Databases, and security. Consulting advice is provided for clients considering E-Commerce, integration with existing infrastructure (POS), payment processing, and migration. Support services are provided on a monthly retainer and consulting services are fee per service.


Migration of Corporate Telecoms and IT to the Cloud – Active Online supported our client to move from their existing in-house solution to a Cloud Based Solution which provided both financial and operational benefits. Our involvement included the development of a viable strategy, assisting with procurement and providing ongoing support during the transition.


Provision of Online Training Solution – Active online provided consultation, design, delivery, and hosting services to a training provider based in the US. The online solution was chosen to meet the scale and budget and hosted on an Active Online dedicated server scaled to meet the heavy hosting usage of the application. Ongoing technical support and marketing assistance continues to be provided.



The current environment includes web designers, hosting providers, and marketing experts seeking to expand their market position, end users demanding new and innovative services and more control of their online assets while seeking to understand and assimilate new services. Changes to data privacy laws and the far reaching effects of social media are two areas where businesses are either struggling with compliance or seeking understanding.

An online presence is often the first impression potential customers have and there are many factors that can make this experience less than ideal. Data privacy and protection against identity theft and fraud are mandatory for online transactions. Misuse of social media can result in permanent loss of reputation if not controlled. Denial of service attacks and hacking of web sites also reduces trust and perception by customers of the business including the traditional business i.e. the perception is applied to the offline business as well.

Major online businesses suffer from security breaches as well as denial of service attacks. Recent attacks on major online businesses and government utilities demonstrate the importance of professional advice when planning an online presence.