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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows site owners to quickly develop and easily maintain their web sites. Through the addition of themes and plugins professional web sites are possible with real world functionality. At least that is the way it used to be!

Owners of WordPress sites are now faced with regular updates for WordPress Core, themes, and plug-ins as the hacker community looks for opportunities to hijack web sites for their own ends. And WordPress sites are an obvious target due to the proliferation unmanaged installations. WordPress are not the only CMS under threat, just the most prevalent due to ease of use for site owners.

Updates usually serve dual purposes:

  • Provide additional functionality, or
  • Security patch to prevent hacking.

Out of date WordPress sites may appear to be operating normally while providing additional unauthorised functionality. These sites are also providing illegal file shares, email spam servers, or just additional content advertising the prowess of the hacker. All of this is not evident to the site owner and is all possible due to insecure WordPress installations.

So what is the answer?

  1. WordPress sites must be regularly updated with the latest versions of WordPress Core, themes, and plug-ins
  2. All logins must be secure – SSL certificates
  3. Additional security measures must be installed to prevent hacking and also to shut it down when attempts are made. And yes, the security measures are also subject to regular updates
  4. Only the most reputable and secure plug-ins must be used
  5. Forms must be secure and utilise Captcha or other antispam techniques
  6. If comments are not wanted, turn them off and restrict the ability of posters to comment – most comments tend to be spam
  7. Regular backups and off site storage are essential for quick restoration.

What we do:

We offer a management service that ensures your WordPress based web site is secure, up to date, backed up, and search engine friendly. We also offer repairs, updates, development, and integration of eCommerce and other custom solutions as required.

We work with your host or we migrate your site to our secure server. We recommend our server due to the tightened security provisions on both web hosting and email – no more black listing of domains due to spam!

We also setup your installation to send all WordPress generated emails to a dedicated email address where our staff take action based on the content – no more wasted time trying to decipher emails and take appropriate action.

If you accept comments, we will filter and apply appropriate action depending on the content. If there is a new update of WordPress, theme, or plug-ins we will test the latest version on our development server before updating your live site.

No more downtime due to WordPress Core or plug-in code clashes or incompatibilities!

Please visit our new web site at www.promanagewp.com.au