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Free DORI Distance Calculator from Active Online

What is DORI?

The DORI distance is a “general proximity” of distance which makes it easy to pinpoint the right camera for your needs. The DORI distance is calculated based on sensor specification and lab test result according to EN 62676-4 which defines the criteria for Detect, Observe, Recognize and Identify respectively.  In plain language it shows you the distance where the camera will detect, observe, recoginise, or identify a person based on the cameras number of pixels and the field of view.

Detect Observe Recognise Identify – Use the calculator below to find out the capability of a camera based on the number of horizontal pixels and the field of view in degrees of the lens.  For example a 2MP or 1080p camera would have 1920 pixels accross and if it had a 90 degree lens would provide enough pixels on the face area (250px /m) at 4.9 meters to allow identification.  The same camera would detect a person at 48.9m based on 25px /m.

For a motorised camera you can calculate the DORI based on the horizontal field of view when zoomed out and at full zoom.  You just need to know the horizontal field of view at both extents of the lens.

We hope you enjoy this free DORI calculator from Active Online. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

DORI Calculator
Horizontal Resolution
Field Of View

Results (Meters)

The above results are an estimate based on the provided parameters. This estimate calculates pixel density based on horizontal lens and sensor characteristics and provides an approximation of performance. Users should also consider lighting, focus, and vertical lens and sensor characteristics when choosing a camera. This calculator is provided for convenience only and users should not base camera selection on this data alone,  Active Online will not be liable for choice of cameras based on the estimated results of this tool.