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Akuvox Intercom Solutions

This page allows you to see all Akuvox intercom models in one place.  All door stations work with all monitors as listed. Use the buttons below to view door stations and monitor options – Door stations are blue buttons, monitors are green.  Click on the name of each model to see more information.

Akuvox E21 Vandal Resistant Door Station (audio or video)

E21 Accessories

Akuvox E10R Indoor Door Station

Akuvox E11R Indoor Door Station

Akuvox R20A Compact Door Station with RFID

R20A Accessories

Akuvox R20K Door Station with Keypad and RFID

R20K Accessories

R20B Accessories

Akuvox E12W Wireless Door Station

Akuvox R23C - Video Door Station with 1 button and RFID

Akuvox R26 Series - Surface Mount Door Station

Akuvox R27A Door station with Keypad / Card Reader

R27A Accessories

Akuvox R28A Door station with Keypad / Card Reader

R28A Accessories

Akuvox R29 Series - Smart Touch Screen Door Station

Akuvox E18C Series - Smart Touch Screen Door Station

Akuvox E16C

Akuvox X915S

Akuvox X916S

Akuvox C313

Akuvox C315

Akuvox IT80

Akuvox IT82

Akuvox IT83

Akuvox C317

Akuvox C319

Akuvox X933



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