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Watchguard Force - Wireless

The Watchguard Force Wireless WiFi & 4G Alarm Pack is the perfect alarm solution for homes & small businesses. The dual network system uses both WiFi & 4G for double the protection. When a 4G SIM card is inserted, SMS notifications will be sent to users in event of a power outage or if WiFi is down.

Receive real time notifications, control and monitor the alarm system via the smart-phone app when connected to WiFi. The Watchguard Force Wireless alarm is compatible with a wide range of wireless alarm accessories to suit the security needs of any installation.

The Watchguard Force WiFi and 4G Alarm Pack can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.  Arm, disarm, enable / disable home or stay mode with voice control.

Product features:
Versatile security for residences, offices and stores
Add / remove wireless accessories such as window contacts, IR beams, sirens & more via the smartphone app
Control, configure and monitor your security system from your phone, all from one app
Push notifications and emails via the smartphone app when connected to WiFi
Dual protection with 6hr standby back up battery and both cellular and WiFi Connection
Control the alarm system via SMS text or phone call when 4G SIM card is inserted
Contact ID for central monitoring services (CMS) compatibility , requires 4G SIM card
Connect up to 50 wireless sensors, 10 remote controls and 50 RFID cards.

Watchguard Force ALL-PACK1 2-Page Datasheet (PDF)