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2N Access Control

Access Control modules by 2N

2N Access control is an all IP solution with single cable for PoE and data.  Manage each device through their WEB interface or harness the power of 2N Access Commander to manage and monitor many devices and users.

Encrypted communication, multiple authentication, 802.1x, anti-passback, tamper switches, security relays and European manufacture all mean security you can rely on.

The door lock may be connected directly to and powered by the device, so there’s really no need for any extra cabling. This offers dramatic savings in installation costs.

Access Control 2.0 modules are able to be extended using 2N Ip Verso modules and multi-module frames providing a cost effective multiple method authentication system eg. Finger Print Reader and RFID reader.  2N Access Control also is available in multi frequency and multiple mode modules eg. Keypad, RFID Reader, and Bluetooth.

Please contact us for assistance with your 2N Access Control project. We will work with you to provide the right solution for your application and budget.

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