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Door Strikes

Electric door strikes allow an intercom or access control system to unlock a door.  While we supply electric strikes we assume that the selection has been made with reference to the door / gate structure and the environment that the strike will operate.  We provide our electric strikes as a convenience to our customers only and do not offer specific advice for your project. Please engage with a local contractor to assist with selection and installation of electric strikes.

Please note that electric strikes do not come with a power supply.  We list a power supply that is suitable below.  Electric strikes contain a solenoid that creates a voltage spike on the power circuit when energised.  Any equipment connected to the same power source may be damaged unless protected by a suitable electronic device.  Before powering an electric strike from the same power source as an intercom or access control system please ensure that a suitable protection device is in circuit and that the power supply is rated to supply all devices.

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